Mulch Removal at Capital Trees’ Low Line Gardens

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Capital Trees is instituting sustainable and organic practices at it’s public gardens. An important piece of this is limiting the use of bark mulch and replacing it with nature’s gold standard — leaf mulch. As is the case in many professionally maintained landscape gardens, the practice of annual mulching can lead to the accumulation of too many inches of bark mulch, resulting in poor aeration, hyper-moisture retention, and plant stem decay. If I haven’t convinced you yet—when bark mulch decays it provides a very limited and unacceptable offering of nutrients for plant growth, and bark mulch is inhospitable to the hoped for lively flora and fauna of a healthy soil food web. This season at the Low Line Gardens we will be removing excess bark mulch, then aerating the planting beds with the handy straight-tined potato fork. Please come join in the fun. We will see what we can do in two hours, on Wednesday, February 19th a 2:00, in advance of nature’s perfect fertilizer’s arrival in March – leaf compost!


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