RBHA North Campus – Community Kitchen Garden

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority North Campus Community Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden design was created by Fraser Davis of Fraser Gibson Davis, LLC.  Once complete, the North Campus residential treatment programs will incorporate evening gardening into the regular daily schedule for all programs.  As part of our education and skills training program implementation, we have initiated a culinary arts program for individuals who are receiving residential substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services at the North Campus.   This includes a four-week cycle where individuals learn about food production, food preparation, and food presentation.  In addition to providing fresh food and daily activity, the Kitchen Garden will also become another one of the therapeutic spaces across the south lawn of the North Campus; a place for individuals to relax, perhaps meditate, and focus upon solutions to meeting their emotional needs.

On-going use and upkeep of the Kitchen Garden will be performed by the residents and volunteer staff at the North Campus.  Plants and related planting supply costs will be added to the annual budgets for each of the residential treatment programs.  Maintenance of the garden will involve a variety of costs and these will be supported through two sources:  (a) the North Campus facility grounds maintenance budgets from each of the four programs on the campus, and (b) those funds will be augmented with revenue generated from catering events completed by the North Campus Food Services Staff and Culinary Arts Program.  Some of those maintenance costs, which may also be funded through future grants, would be used to ensure that we acquire the technical expertise/ consultation necessary to ensure that appropriate maintenance and care methods are employed.

This project is a 26’ x 40’ fenced Kitchen Garden with 4 raised beds, a picnic table, garden shed, compost bins, and rain barrels.

20 Fruit Tree Orchard includes apples, pears, peaches, persimmons and plums

Pergola Installed as a shaded space for community gathering

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