Organizations such as the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, as well as state and local governments, constantly pursue treatment options because what helps one user may not work well for another. Seaman said every resource is considered as a potential avenue for long-term recovery — even gardening.

A vacant lot on St. Peter Street blighted the Gilpin Court neighborhood for decades. Overgrown grass invited debris. Most residents paid little attention to the lot, until Lillie A. Estes recognized its potential.

The disparity dividing the twin cities of Richmond and RVA is vividly seen in the availability, or lack thereof, of fresh food.

Jun 9th, 2017

My mother was a gardener. She had blackberries and tomatoes in our backyard, and an herb garden near the back door that flavored her thoughtful and delicious meals.

Jan 23rd, 2017

It was incredibly humbling to walk into the Storefront for Community Design for the first time on the night that our first Ginter Urban Gardeners class met. That this is life-changing with huge community-building and changing potential was not lost on me.

May 26th, 2017

The last few months have been a whirlwind, as the Garden launched and wrapped up its first training cohort of Ginter Urban Gardeners. I think back to conversations in 2014, when wise friends pondered together “what would it take to create a more enabling environment for community urban greening initiatives?”

Oct 31st, 2016

One way the Richmond Region is approaching sustainable change is by working collaboratively for greater, collective impact. From food policy, to transportation, to healthy lifestyles, to workspaces, to poverty and to early childhood education, we can see collaboration isn’t a new thing for our region.

OCT 4TH, 2014

Last week, several dozen community influencers rallied at the Garden for a “roll up your sleeves” workshop that focused on developing components for a Community Greening ToolKit.

NOV 27TH, 2013

There are so many reasons to be grateful this season, among them the solid enthusiastic response from nearly 50 folks who attended the Beautiful RVA meeting last Wednesday to discuss the potential for a community-based beautification initiative.

Oct 24th, 2013

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you know the allure of the “makeover.” We love to see dramatic, positive change happen right before our eyes.

OCT 4TH, 2014

Cities across the country are realizing the social, environmental and economic benefits of increasing green space.